Families, children, maternity, engagement, large groups ($250):

I keep things simple. We meet at location that works for you, natural or urban. The session is approx 1hr of candid and posed. If it’s an intimate small group, you will have more variety of your small group, but I also welcome large groups at no extra cost. Family is important, the more the merrier, dogs too. I like to give kids time to pose and more importantly time to play. I feel the combination of both lets them relax and doesn’t push them to their limit. I do not offer longer sessions, as it has been my experience that children and more importantly hungry husbands, do not wish to extend this photographic period. Attention has an expiry. You will receive a disc with approximately 50 high resolution JPGS and full printing rights.

Preparing for a session, if you ask, I will tell you to wear something that is authentically you and makes you feel comfortable, short of showing up in your Pajammas. Unless you really want to, I’m game. More importantly please make sure you’ve had a snack, we will try to plan around baby’s naps and I may or may not suggest throwing a beer in there for some of the hubbies (or wives), non-drivers of course. Relaxed as possible, natural happy smiles are the magic.